Battle of the UI Libraries – Blazor, React, and Angular

Wednesday, November 2
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET


Long ago, Angular.js, the predecessor to Angular, was highly popular for building web application UIs. Due to delays of Angular 2, and Facebook’s release of the React component library, the Angular family faded, and React’s popularity grew. Whether it was Angular or React, JavaScript-based UI libraries reigned supreme for many years, until now. There is a new technology seeking to remove JavaScript as the sole UI superpower, and that technology is Blazor. With Blazor, browser-based UIs can be written with C# code using one of two hosting models. The C# can run client-side as WebAssembly or server-side, with UI updates performed over web sockets. Regardless of the hosting model, the end user experiences modern UI just like the kind of UI React and Angular provide, but written in C#. Join us to learn which technology will suit your organization best, and why you should choose one UI framework over another.

Presenter: Eric Greene
Duration: 1 hour




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